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Cultivate confidence, compassion and authenticity as you lead yourself, your team and your organization. 

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Helping Leaders Thrive

in Complexity

I coach all levels of leader, from the C-Suite to the front line to identify their authentic leadership, adapt to complexity, align with deeper purpose, and bring out the best in themselves and others. 

I specialize in coaching professionals (Physicians, Lawyers, Engineers and more) to transition their mindset and skillset to the work of Leadership. 


You, 2.0: Coaching for Self-Reinvention

If you're questioning what you do, why you do it, or who you do it with, I'll partner with you on your journey to discovering you, 2.0. 

Through reflective tools to clarify your vision and your calling, coaching will help you overcome the patterns of thinking and assumptions about yourself which rob you of joy, and keep your gifts from the world.


Coaching Supervision

If your aim as a coach is to be of greatest service to your coaching clients, and to the systems they are part of (organizations, families), coaching supervision is an essential source of support. Through case-based exploration, we untangle the stickiest of coaching challenges, and discover your unique path of service to your clients. By cultivating of the capacity to remain curious about your work, your clients and yourself, you will rediscover your confidence, in a way that your clients cannot fail to notice. 

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