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Leadership Coaching

I offer customized 6-12 month Executive Coaching programs for all levels of leader. Programs feature a combination of 360 degree feedback and stakeholder interviews to form a complete view of strengths, development opportunities and the context in which the leader operates. 


A development plan is co-authored, focusing on the area of growth or change that has the greatest potential to impact outcomes. 

Transition Coaching

Designed for leaders transitioning to new roles, leading mergers and acquisitions, or preparing for a planned departure (retirement or transition to new role). 

Includes development of transition objectives, priority actions, and changes in patterns of thinking and action which the new role or team may require. 

Programs vary in length depending on degree and nature of transition, from 6-18 months. 

Renewal Coaching

Designed for professionals who have achieved outward success but lost themselves in the process.

Whether presenting as burnout, disengagement or creeping malaise, this coaching program is designed to offer a reset. Targeted at individuals who are ready for change, who are willing to question everything, to challenge their habits and history, and re-discover and recommit to a compelling purpose. 

Outdoor Meditation
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